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Container freight shipping is by far the most used method of shipping goods overseas. Air cargo, while far more prevalent now than in the past, accounts for only one percent of the total volume of goods shipped across the seas where land travel from the U.S is not possible. Shipping by sea accounts for all the rest. While shipping a container to India is commonplace, it can still be a confusing procedure for the uninitiated.

In order to simplify shipping container to India, the best way to start is to choose your shipping company well in advance of your departure and arrival dates. Virtually all container shipping companies have an online presence these days, so this is where the search should begin. It is best to get a number of container shipping quotes from selected companies. Before contacting the companies directly, check their credentials first. They must be licensed and ideally be companies with long-standing reputations.

Narrow down the list and then visit their websites individually. The better companies will offer a great deal of helpful free information online. Even some long-established and reputable companies are not geared towards the general public. If you are shipping container to India, be sure the companies you approach provide full service for the shipping of household goods to this country.

Next, use an online container shipping calculator to help determine the size of container you need, the approximate weight of the load and any other details that will determine the container shipping cost. It may be best to make personal contact with the international container shipping companies at this point. You will find that container shipping estimates vary considerably. Some quotes may include everything from packing the container to delivering the container and unpacking it. Others may be for the cost of shipping alone.

Container freight companies do not have their own vessels. They choose the shipper according to its price and scheduled shipping dates. This makes it doubly important to choose a reputable company that puts customer satisfaction first and does not choose shipping vessels according to price alone. There have been instances when a cargo never reached its destination because the vessel chosen flew the flag of a hostile nation and was not allowed to enter the destination port.

Also, when shipping container to India, make sure the international container shipping company you choose has representation in this country. If you have trouble for any reason, they should be ready and able to help you. Typical problems that are encountered include refusal to transfer goods to the recipient at customs, attempts at bribe taking and, on occasion, theft. While these are "typical" problems, they are by no means common. In the vast majority of cases, everything goes smoothly. If you have done your homework and chosen the best of the many container shipping companies available, there should be no problems at all.

It is not just your personal goods that are traveling overseas. You and perhaps your entire family will be moving, too. This can be an exciting and rewarding experience. The first step towards making it a positive experience is by making the right decisions regarding shipping container to India.

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Container Ports in India

There are 10 Container Ports in India: Port of Ahmedabad, Port of Albert Victor (Beherai), Port of Bombay, Port of Calcutta, Port of Chas, Port of Chennai, Port of Cochin, Port of Faridabad, Port of Goa, Port of Haldia

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